My Top Reads
Streets.MN. THE place for Twin Cities bicycling (and urban planning and Land Use). Note that newer posts scroll by in the top image, don’t forget to look for them. Most recent posts, most popular, and recent comments are also listed along the right sidebar.
A View From The Cycle Path. David Hembrow, a Brit now living in Assen, NL, provides some of the most informative information on what makes for good cycling facilities from the world leader in cycling.
Bicycle Dutch. Videos of cycling in The Netherlands. Some general interest, others specific to how Dutch cycleways are designed, built, and used.
I Bike London. Some great commentary on what’s happening along the Thames.
Streetsblog. Focused on New York City, but interesting (and infuriating, reading about New York’s high pedestrian deaths).
Brooklyn Spoke. It’s Brooklyn. I like Brooklyn.
Campaign For Childhood Freedom. Children use to walk or ride their bikes to school. Not anymore. The result is not only much higher obesity, but this also likely contributes to lower academic performance and lower self-esteem.
Free Range Kids. Not bicycling specific, but a great website.
Fashionable Cycling:
If you’re an architect in Cambridge, MA, married to an MIT science professor, you like canning, and then open your own bike shop (in August of 2013), then Biking In Heels.
If an attorney in Chicago who wears Prada shoes, then Let’s Go Ride A Bike.
A mom, piano teacher, and wife of the mayor of Edmonton, then Girls And Bicycles.
A Danish diplomat who likes to take pictures of people riding bikes then Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Also, note the links to the other Cycle Chic blogs on the left. (Contributors have branched out a bit beyond Franz and Franz rarely posts anymore, but still a good site to visit occasionally.)
And for the best of New York City fashion check out Dmitry Gudkov’s #BikeNYC.
Twin Cities
Minneapolize. Happenings and commentary on the Twin Cities bicycling scene (not just Minneapolis).
VeloTraffic. Reuben is a traffic engineer, rides a bike for much of his transportation, and does a great job of straddling these two worlds (traffic engineering in the U.S. has been notoriously pro-motor / anti-bike as we can see throughout Vadnais Heights). He is also the newly appointed Bike & Pedestrian Coordinator for the City of St Paul.
Nice Ride MN. If I have more than one stop in St Paul or Minneapolis I’ll often leave my car at the first and grab a Nice Ride bike.
Metropolitan Council Regional Bicycle System Master Study. This is to update plans for regional bicycle routes.
Bakfiets-En-Meer. By Henry Cutler, founder of Workcycles.
Copenhagenize. Copenhagen is the 2nd most cycling friendly nation and here’s some of how they do it. Sheldon was a great bicycle mechanic and his site includes a wealth of technical information on internal geared hubs and other stuff for those interested.